Cruise 2013
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Welcome to the Carnival Pride!

Diane & I roll out on the Carnival Pride out of Baltimore again,
with my aunt, cousin, and a whole gaggle of folks!

We still refer to this as our "2013" cruise, though we sailed January 2014. :)

Day 1: Sunday, January 5, 2014 - Baltimore, MD

Good morning, Baltimore! The view from our hotel window. We were happy to say goodbye to the snow!!!

Holy frozen balls! For a second, I wasn't sure if this was the Baltimore cruise terminal, or a Target! :D

We sprung for a balcony cabin with a "partially obstructed view" which means we would be peeking between lifeboats to see the water. Not too bad, really.

Diane shows off her warm clothes and fashionable scarf! Let's get this vacation started!

Chilling in the main show lounge... selfie time!

Our first towel animal, which appears to be a lobster, plus our activity information for the next day.

I didn't end up with very many photos from the first day, so here be an array of shots from around the ship. This would be the Ivory Piano Bar.

I'm not entirely sure why the makeup section of the onboard shop had little sample sticks and a jar of whole coffee beans. Perhaps with a grinder and a percolator, I could've made something of this!

Our fancy dinner table in the Normandie dining room, all set up for 8 folks, which is exactly the number we had in our group. I think they were afraid to seat us with strangers, for fear of our antics scaring them away. They know us all too well! :)

Did we mention the Pride is themed in Renaissance art? Lots of naked lady paintings and whatnot! They're taking the Pride into drydock in November 2014 and most likely removing a lot of this art.

More random Renaissance decor, while it still exists. The Pride relocates to Tampa after drydock, but hopes to return to Baltimore soon!

Awesome chairs in the Serenity area! We didn't actually spend too much time out here due to the chilly conditions.

More comfy lounging area on the Serenity deck. We did find my aunt here most days, and did some relaxing when it wasn't freezing!

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