Philly & DC Trip 2011
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Our family always enjoys a good trip to the Amish country of Pennsylvania... This year, with aunt Jeanne and cousin Preston along for the fun, we decided to mix it up a bit and include Philadelphia, a new city for us all.

Our voyage begins with me. Hugging a recycling dog. Outside the Whole Foods Market. Those who know me would say this is normal behavior for me. Moving on...

That's right, it's time for America's new favorite game show... WHEEL... OF... GELATO!!!

I've never come across any yodeling goats in my travels. Then again, I've not been to Holland. I imagine the cheese they produce must be extra "goud"-a... wah wah wah...

Free samples! I love samples. Especially free ones. Especially unattended free ones where you don't have to feel awkward about not buying anything.

This is Diane's kind of bar... the olive bar. Me? No thank you.

Diane spins to win on... Wheel... Of... Gelato!!!

Always the ethnic cuisine aficianados, we stopped at Malabar Indian in Richmond, VA for lunch.

Here we be, rocking the not-horribly-uncomfy back seat of the Versa.

Looking for a mid-afternoon refresher, we stopped at Tea By Two in Bel Air, MD... but they were kinda closed and not serving tea. They did let us in to shop and gave my aunt some freebies.

Tea By Two also had sheep. And I like sheep. This particular one wanted to go home with us, but I told it we were just starting our journey, and heading away from home. I think it understood.

Welcome to Philadelphia! And good night. After dinner at the neighboring Ruby Tuesday, we conked out.

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