Pennsylvania Trip 2008
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My first "family trip" in a looong time takes Diane & me to Amish country
(which is not, in fact, its own country... rather, a part of the United States)...

One of our first buggy sightings of many on this trip, shown here in contrast with the lovely fuel-burning vehicle in the opposite lane, passing the peaceful man in his fields with his horses.

The family made a point of turning around in the middle of the road to capture this moment, so it simply had to be included. :)

This picture exists purely because of a sign on the property warning that photography is forbidden. I'm a rebel without a cause in Amish country.

Diane makes a new friend at a petting zoo outside a touristy gift shop.

Another new friend at the petting zoo, but perhaps next time, I should teach all my subjects to face the camera... or maybe I'll just walk around the other side... yeah... :)

Commercialism meets Amish-ism here in an advertisement for "Abe's Buggy Rides".

Hey, the gang's all here (except for yours truly behind the camera). We had lunch involving Lebanon bologna at an awesome "bologna outlet" that was connected with a thrift store.

Diane enjoys her sandwich and regrets ever letting me bring the camera along... :)

When we discovered the largest pretzel ever known to mankind, she just couldn't help herself...

We both earned our pretzel-making diploma after a crash course at the Sturgis Pretzel Factory. (Psst... hey, little girl... slide out of the picture next time...)

Talk about cuteness overkill... here in Hershey, you can tell what they're famous for. This is the intersection of Cocoa Avenue and Chocolate Avenue, lined with Hershey Kiss lamp posts. Nice.

The Hershey tour was pretty nifty... singing cows. How can you go wrong with singing cows?

Can you tell that my mother is wishing and hoping for a grandchild in the not-too-distant future?

Little House on the Prairie? Diane models a find in our search for bonnets that might be appropriate for our theatre group's production of Little Women.

Breaker breaker one-nine. I take to the highways and byways after stealing my cousin's rig. Yeeeeah!

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