Pennsylvania Trip 2008
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Before taking the tour of the Ephrata Cloister site, we prepared and enjoyed a little family picnic.

All righty then... somehow I've become lost in Alice in Wonderland and can't seem to find the one that makes me smaller.

The fam (minus my aunt behind the camera) poses beside the milk tank back at the dairy farm where we stayed.

Diane again makes a non-human friend, this time of the bovine persuasion.

Despite being named Mr. Ed, this horse at Amish Village didn't seem to know any jokes or clever one-liners. Then again, we didn't have any peanut butter to put in his lip.

Ever the studious one, Diane takes notes in this one-room Amish schoolhouse.

If you want to cross this bridge, you have to pay the toll to the bridge keeper...

Churnin' lots of butter here in this Amish Paradise. Oh wait, I think this is a washing machine. Scratch that clever Weird Al reference then...

I was able to forge some new shoes for our horse... but then I realized we don't have a horse. Bummer.

Diane takes a walk on the mild side, renouncing her English ways and hopping aboard her brand new buggy!

Yeah, I didn't get in this buggy, for fear of never being able to extract myself again.

One last buggy shot, taken in front of the farm house. I believe my aunt Iris got this shot.

After eating at the Olive Garden in Salisbury, Maryland on the way back home, we discovered that the van wouldn't start. Here, I pretend that I actually know what I'm doing!

The van decided to stop my fake mechanical engine tinkering by running me over ever-so-slightly.

After spending one unexpected night in Salisbury, we were rescued by my cousin's fiancée AND I got a blue slushee. All's well that ends well!

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