Pet Pictures

Our lazy kitties, Dusty and Sheba, doing what they do best... sleeping on a blanket on the sofa. Taken January 18, 2006.

Mojo is the latest addition to our family, adopted from Feline Hope Animal Shelter on May 31, 2006. According to the lady who runs the shelter, he was born April 9, 2005, so he was just over a year old when we got him. He is neutered, outgoing, and knows no fear when it comes to the other cats in the house.

Taken New Year's Day 2006, Dusty and Sheba sleep triumphantly next to one of their new Christmas toys, beneath the remains of our poor, tattered tree.

This is a picture of Dusty, taken the day he arrived home. He's our neutered, declawed male cat that we rescued from one of the local SPCA shelters. He had been in there for five months, and is a very shy, mild mannered, loving boy.

This is Sheba when she came to live with us. She was a stray, given to us by a friend. The vet confirmed our suspicions that she was pregnant on arrival, and she delivered a litter of four on Friday, August 20, 2004. We have since had her spayed.

After months of wondering what the cats do all day while we're not around, we come home to this... on the dining room table! Dusty, Sheba, and one of her kittens, Loner, have taken over the house.

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