Williamsburg Trip 2013

June 11-12, 2013

Our journey to Busch Gardens and Williamsburg in general...

Welcome to Busch Gardens Williamsburg! Let there be fruit art!

Diane, and the fountain in Germany that I always seem to make her pose by. :)

Christmas shop selfie! Kinda grainy... not sure what happened there...

Hey, it's Rudolph! And Rudolph thinks I'm cute! Good call, Rudolph.

I'm not sure what can be purchased at this stand. Perhaps they need more obvious signage...

We stopped to catch a show at our favorite outdoor theatre in Italy.

It's Diane on the teacups! Ever since I showed her how to spin the thing to make it go faster, she's never been the same...

Dinner at Red Lobster. Diane loves her some cheese biscuits. I posted this on Instagram with the caption "My precious..."

We stopped at Sno-To-Go for a cup of sugar!

This be Diane's cup-o-sugar, which I eventually had to finish before she went into a sugar coma.

The next morning at the hotel. I don't do mornings! And yes, I'm pretty sure I have a hair clip on my face. It happens.

Always posting food, I am. Hotel breakfast. I ate it. Except for the beverages. Those, I drank.

We popped over to check out the newly remodeled Williamsburg Pottery. Diane found this hat, to make a ethnically-stereotypically photo. :D

Gone are the dingy old buildings on the other side of the tracks with tons of great deals at the Williamsburg Pottery. Here, a newly-placed lion-dog thing takes a hunk out of my finger.

The Williamsburg Pottery is now a streamlined, clean, over-priced row of shops. Full of things like Emily's Blueberries. Take that, Emily. We got your berries!

How is this better than peanut butter?! Oh... Maple Bacon flavor... ooooh...

It's a candy store! I think... Pretty sure.

A store at the indoor outlet mall. When the light hit this lady's face the wrong way, she looked rather possessed. I tried my best to capture this.

I AM this season's "it!" item. Bam! So there.

I didn't dare. I've seen what happened to Tom Hanks. No way.

I was excited to see that, at Kmart, all FAN were on sale. Yes. But they gave the grammar police the day off.

Indian food for lunch! What a fabulous way to end the trip, and this photo set... :)

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