Kentucky Trip 2013

October 29 - November 3, 2013

We headed west to visit our Kentucky peeps!

Snagged some decent shots of hills and trees along the way!

Did I mention hills and trees?

Hey, we're there!

Making use of the Halloween candy for breakfast! Bagels with cream cheese... and candy!

Our nephew, the Ghostbuster. He got so many compliments on the costume, and even scored some extra candy from a few people.

Lunch at Panera Bread while roaming the mall one day.

Really? I actually did flip through this, but put it back when I found it was mostly pictures of shirtless men making chicken recipes bearing risque-sounding names.

After some subtle persuading, Diane & her sister got me and my brother-in-law balloons from Old Navy! Yaaay!

Beer on Sundays? What heathens! Say it ain't so!

This looks like a place. For pottery. I'm just taking a shot in the dark here.

We painted mugs! They turned out... like amateurly hand-painted mugs! We had fun!

Every time we get ready to leave somewhere, we break out the sad faces! I look more "not impressed", but whatever! :)

Starting the day the Canadian way, eh?

Seeing as how these were the only potato chips in West Virginia, I had to give them a try. Tasted kinda like a bag of salt.

Look! Hills and trees!

We pulled off at one of the "Scenic View" rest areas for a few shots as well.

The End! :)

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