Duck Tourists 2013

June 25, 2013

We decided to play tourist in Duck, North Carolina!

Hey, it's the old Mamie post office. This used to be in the town of Mamie, when the town of Mamie had a post office. Now it doesn't. So here's the post office. In Duck. Hmmm.

Did someone say "popcorn"? Diane is SO there!

Now, to choose from about a billion flavors. Wow!

Diane has a slight "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids" moment!

We roamed into The Fudgery. Guess what we found... Fudge!

Fish tacos for lunch at the Red Sky Cafe!

Diane scored a sandwich, with some "world famous" potato salad. Someone carelessly spilled a balsamic reduction all over the plate!!! :D

It's a pretty pastel pony! And Diane!

I believe we walked the entire boardwalk, but there was a reward at the end... more on that later... :)

A gazebo and a birdhouse. I don't remember if it was special, but it's pretty.

Not funny, short people who grew this tree. Not funny.

My reward at the end of the boardwalk! Yaaay! And then we went home. :)

The End!

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