Cruise Food 2013
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Welcome to the Carnival Pride!

A photo-documentary of all the yummy stuff we ate! :)

Day 0

Dinner the night before: Moussaka at Acropolis Greek Restaurant in Baltimore.

This is Diane's "I Can't Believe I Ordered All This Food" Face! Calamari, potatoes, green beans, salad... We had a party of 8, so we shared all around! :)

Day 1

Jason's Lunch: Keepin' it simple with the burger & hot dog from the grille.

Diane's lunch did not get photo-ed.

Jason's App #1: Spring Rolls.

Diane's App #1: Tomato Soup.

Jason's App #2: Beef & Barley Soup.

Diane's App #2: Caesar Salad.

Jason & Diane's Entree: Beef Brisket.

Jason's Entree #2: Tofu Steak.

Jason's Cheese Plate!

Jason & Diane's Dessert: Black Forest Gateau.

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