Cruise 2010
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Welcome to the Carnival Fantasy!

Welcome aboard the Carnival Fantasy!!!

Diane pauses for a slight "chill" moment in a comfy lounger on the Promenade Deck.

I was reaching for her fruit basket, honest...

The Cat's Lounge sports a variety of oversized product containers as its decor. Meow.

Here kitty... Nice kitty... Actually, this kitty looked a bit peeved.

More of the oversized product placement, not entirely of the feline variety.

Diane happened to spy some dolphins out the window, playing and/or trying to nurse on their mama.

Diane poses in an oversized cat food can. That would be the same window from which the dolphins were espied.

Does this seating element remind anyone else of a giant sombrero? VIVA!!!

This be our table number. Thought I'd share that.

For the second time in my life, I was called onstage to play the spoon & string game in the Welcome Aboard show. My team won again, so I'm 2-0. Yeah, baby!

Towel seal on night 1.

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