Norfolk Zoo 2009

Welcome to the Virginia Zoological Park, otherwise known to me as the Norfolk Zoo!

Awesome! The keepers are going to be feeding us hog today? Sweet... What? That's not what they meant?

Here, kitty, kitty... Nice kitty...

I decide that this sign is the closest I ever want to be to an elephant's rear end.

I decide to channel the spirits of the natives and climb into one of the huts to hunt down some dinner!

This giraffe worked for a LONG time getting hold of this branch with his tongue for a snack.

Hey, it's a giraffe checking out Diane!

Now we both pose in front of a giraffe... We had a little issue with lighting... shade... yeah.

Oh my... elephant... I actually did crop this picture to leave out the poop that she had just laid.

Be vewwy, vewwry quiet... I'm sneaking through the jungle!

Meerkats are pretty cute, even though Diane used to make me watch that darn Meerkat Manor show... ugh... :)

Aw, she's sprouted wings and is ready to fly!

It took both of us to tame this wild... concrete... rhino.

Um... you've got a prairie dog on your head... how embarrassing.

I also decided to poke up in one of the glass-bubble-covered prairie dog holes. Bad mistake... after doing this 3-4 times, my back didn't forgive me for a couple of days!

This picture dies not need a caption. It is just plain awesome.

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