Myrtle Beach 2009

Back to our timeshare in Myrtle Beach for 2009! Diane poses by the colorful carousel at Barefoot Landing.

A little time in the gym and some sun on the beach, and you'd hardly recognize us!!!

The Ripley's Aquarium was all decked out for the impending Christmas season, as Diane loses herself at the North Pole.

Reliving a traumatic experience I had with a lorikeet... (see Busch Gardens, October 2008)...

Darn you, Food Network, for creating urges inside us to seek out unusual nostalgic treats! Fortunately, this craving was satisfied at the retro store at Broadway at the Beach.

No trip to Myrtle Beach is complete for us without a "rock-u-ccino" frozen blended coffee from the KISS Coffeehouse at Broadway at the Beach.

And for me, of course, no trip to the KISS Coffeehouse is complete without a lapel pin. That's how I roll, baby.

These catfish provided many hours of laughter as they clamored to be on top whenever they saw a person lean over the railing who might potentially toss them some food. Kinda like Pavlov's fish, I suppose...

A little slice of New York, all blinged out and plopped down by the Liberty Steakhouse.

Diane came across this lifelike plump version of our boy Dusty in the Cat Store.

Reminiscing on another family trip, back to the Neffdale Farm where we stayed during our Amish Country trip a couple of years back.

I had to grab one photo with this enormous shark, which was the door to this beachy shop. We found that the store had recently closed, and could not venture inside for more fun.

Who knew vicious bears were lurking around every corner in the most innocent of places?! Little did I know, he just wanted a hug.

Rocking out with my mom in our awesomely nerdy paper crowns at Medieval Times.

Diane received one of the flowers from our Red & Yellow Knight. This was the first time I had been to a Medieval Times where my knight DIDN'T win!!! My record now: 3-1.

One of Diane's highlights of this trip? 88 CENT CHRISTMAS SOCKS AT K-MART!!!

We had one last chance to monkey around on the trip home with a stop at South of the Border.

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