Little Women the Musical

Diane portraying Jo March, with her sisters (L-R: Beth, Amy, Meg) in the santuary of their attic.

Jo has a confrontation with Aunt March, who wants her to be prim and proper to join society.

After being "bribed" with a European trip from Aunt March, Jo decides to attend a ball.

At the ball, Jo comes across the neighbor boy Laurie, who she had encountered once before after a tree-chopping incident with Mr. Laurence.

Mr. March becomes ill, and Marmee must leave the girls to go be with him.

After Aunt March cancels Jo's trip to Europe after Jo cuts and sells her hair, Jo tells her sisters they'll make their own way. Meg stops the plan to say that John Brooke has just proposed to her.

With her life changing, Jo tries to do everything to stop it. Laurie suddenly declares his love and proposes to Jo.

Jo shuns Laurie and finishes out the first act by proclaiming that she'll find her own way in the world and be "Astonishing".

The top of act two has Jo and the gang acting out a fantasy story that she has just sold to a big New York publisher.

Jo learns that Beth has become ill with scarlet fever, and rushes home to be with her.

Jo and Beth share a touching moment on the beach, flying a kite and being carefree.

Beth tells Jo that she knows she will not survive the disease, and the two share some final moments.

Feeling defeated, Jo return to the sanctity of her attic and questions if she has the strength to go on. She has a sudden inspiration to write the story "Little Women" and realizes that she has preserved her sisters forever in the novel.

Professor Bhaer comes to visit her from New York and professes his love, proposing marriage. Ah, what a standard happy ending.

Cast Shot #1 with most of the opening costumes.

Cast Shot #2 with some alternate costumes.

During the setup for Cast Shot #2, Jason (being the director and all) proclaims that he should be at the front of the picture.

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