Isaacs Concert & Blue Ridge Parkway

This impromptu family trip spurred from a few members' new love for the Issacs' bluegrass gospel music, and a desire to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway for some good times.

The trip started innocently enough, at the castle of the king of burgers.

We found that we spent a lot of time on this trip seeking out a proper air machine to fill up our tires with very little luck. Here's an air machine we tried in the rain.

Hey, it's the Isaacs! Playing music! And there were watermelons. Awesome!

This little store must have been awfully proud of their HOT DOGS to put them right out on their sign with their awesome groceries and hardware. We did not sample the HOT DOGS.

This air machine? No. Not a chance.

I love it when a trash can encourages you to litter. It's just sitting there... saying "LITTER"! Do it!!!

Another in a long line of "hey, let's point at a map showing where we are" photos.

She's the queen of the world! Or, the mountain.

After a lot of scary climbing, Diane worked her way out onto this rock overlooking a huge valley.

I forget exactly what town we were passing through, but they had these nifty metal insect statues all around town. Why? Who knows!

One important thing we discovered on this trip... KFC has buffets! We have no such thing where we're from. Diane, having worked at KFC before, seemed to have been hiding this awesome buffet knowledge from me all this time!

Ah, the memories of Amish Country seem to come at us from every direction as we peruse this mountaintop farm market in Virginia.

We did get a little tipsy at a wine tasting at Jefferson Vineyards.

Diane decided to pass up the wine drinking, instead deciding to be cute.

The sun sets on another nifty family road trip... many more to come!!!

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