Cruise Food 2009
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Welcome to the Carnival Triumph!

Not the most appetizing-looking first meal onboard, but this is a hot dog & chicken tenders lunch that I made it halfway through before I decided to document my food experience.

Diane's appetizer the first evening at dinner in the dining room: chicken fingers with a honey mustard sauce.

My Indian vegetarian dinner, consisting of all sorts of unfamiliar and awesome things! I'm not a vegetarian, but they seemed to have the most interesting options!

Diane's dinner selection was tilapia with vichy carrots and some rockin' mac & cheese.

My second (yes second) dinner was mahi-mahi with veggies. I usually opted for the veggie meal and the spa meal each night at dinner... yum!

Carnival's classic warm chocolate melting cake was the dessert of choice for Diane.

I opted to open my dessert course with a selection of cheese, including port salut, brie, gouda, bleu, and a cheddar I believe.

My closing dessert... a creme brulee. Never one of my faves, but it was worth another try. :)

Oh my, the bounty of goodness that is the breakfast buffet. Here, I ate all sorts of bad-for-you stuff at the top of Day Two.

Dinner in the dining room started with the West Indian Roasted Pumpkin Soup for Diane & myself.

This was a nice salad whose name has been forgotten, involving feta cheese.

Ah, the moment every cruiser longs for... lobster night! Served here with shrimp and some mashers.

My veg offering for evening was a chile relleno with tomato pilaf rice. Very nice!

Diane's dessert, whose name has also been forgotten. Looks good though. Some sort of Napoleon with a caramel sauce and ice cream? :)

I opted for Cherries Jubilee, which came with no awesome tableside flaming action.

This was an appetizer offering, Strawberry Bisque, which I asked to have brought out to me as a dessert.

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