Busch Gardens October 2009

Back to Busch for some Howl-O-Scream fun. This was my friend who used to live in the Caribou train station, and would come to life randomly and talk in a funny Yoda-esque voice. Sadly, he seemed to be deactivated and silent this time.

Diane poses by a sign on a fence. Isn't it amazing how I put together such amazing shots?

We stop to enjoy a treat from La Grande Glace while looking at all the foolish people aboard the Griffon rollercoaster.

How many pictures can we take of the two of us sitting somewhere together? Never enough!!!

Time for a little nappy-poo on this nice, comfy bench...

Taken from my car to Diane's car while we were in motion on the "scrambler" style Der Katapult ride.

One thing I love about this place is that you never go hungry... there are snacks everywhere!

Diane & I go for a spin on the wild, crazy tea cup ride!

Back for some more fun on the Trade Winds ride.

Sometimes, a little spell check does pay off...

Posing with my new buds after the Frankenstein rock & roll singing show.

As the sun sets and darkness sets in, out comes the faux-fog...

It's a burning bush!!! Oh no, wait... it's just a fog machine.

I'm not sure what magical powers Elmo has, other than making people pay to take pictures with him and eat lunch with him. What a racket!!!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to the bathroom?!

The train comes rolling through the station as night falls and the park prepares for the Halloween fun.

We stop for the Jack Is Back dance party in Ireland as we pass through to exit the park.

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