Busch Gardens September 2009

Why am I so disturbed by these shiny, metallic gnomes?! They're always "on sale" and they have billions of them... who knew that something like this would be a slow seller? I might actually buy one if they're still on sale next time we go. :)

Welcome to England... hello there, Big Ben!

Diane does a little window shopping for our nephew.

Hey, who's got my camera? This was a passing couple who offered to take our picture, and didn't steal my camera. Always appreciated.

What can I say? Diane loves hats. Here, she plays elf.

Grapes are delicious... I love grapes... um, these grapes taste kind of funny...

The sign inside the Big Bad Wolf gift shop. The rollercoaster was recently taken out of service, but the gift shop still stands for now.

The now-empty track that used to plummet riders down to the river, spraying them with water along the way. We will miss you, Big Bad.

Diane & I chill for a moment at a table in the piazza in San Marco, Italy.

What could be more fun than a stilt-walker who paints?

Discovering that he was painting upside down the whole time!!! Once he flipped the picture over, everything became clear.

We decided to skip out early on Busch Gardens and head over to our favorite colonial shopping area in Merchants Square.

We stopped in for a healthy treat at Baskin Robbins before heading home.

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