No Time For Sergeants

Jason in the role of Will Stockdale (originally protrayed by Outer Banks native Andy Griffith) as his Pa tries to protect him from the Draft Man.

Will proves his mental fortitude by reading a passage from Tony And The Pony.

Will says goodbye to his Pa and his peaceful farm life to fulfill his desire to be part of a group and find friends.

Fearing Will to be a dangerous draft dodger, the Draft Man handcuffs Will to a gas pump.

Will tried to help his new buddy Ben Whitledge fill out his registration card for the Air Force.

Ben takes offense to teasing from some bullies in the barracks, but Will keeps his cool.

Ben and Will talk about how to handle bullies, and Ben tells Will that he has always wanted to be in the Army Infantry.

Will has an encounter with his barracks sergeant, Sergeant King, teetering on the brink of madness.

In the Manual Dexterity test, Will find a creative solution of separating and putting together two metal rings.

"I'm done!" Will proudly proclaims after completing the test to the best of his ability.

Sergeant King and the Corporal work out a deal for Will to pass the Manual Dexterity test.

Will is amazed after an encounter with a female officer, though Ben assures him that gender makes no difference, and you should be "blind" to physical things like that.

Will drives the Psychiatrist to his breaking point after turning the tables and making the doctor question his own childhood and relationships with family.

Will gets ready for the eye test, and Sergeant King worries he won't pass, after the sergeant misunderstands Will's discussion about being "blind" and not noticing the officer was a female.

Sergeant King and Irvin take will out to the Purple Grotto to get him drunk, not realizing that he has been drinking his Pa's home-brewed corn liquor for years, and is virtually impervious to alcohol.

Sergeant King ends up drinking too much, fails an inspection, and get shipped off with Will and Ben to join a bomber squadron.

Ben and Will have many discussions back in the rear gunner area of the plane.

After realizing the radio operator has been left behind, Ben tries to establish radio contact, with Will giving instruction.

Ben and Will go on to get into all sorts of trouble after their plane crashes and they're assumed dead.

Holy boxers, Batman! This is the first and only play I've been in that required an underwear-clad appearance, plus dressing and undressing onstage. This is one of my practices.

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