New York Trip 2008

Diane & I were finally able to get away for her first (my second) trip to the isle of Manhattan! Despite some very tired feet, a subway misunderstanding that landed us in Brooklyn, some slow shuttle service to a theatre in Queens, and various other things, it was a fabulous trip! We ate street food, walked around taking pictures and gawking like tourists, and had so much fun.

Diane poses in Central Park after we wandered around for eons searching for the Central Park Zoo.

Jason makes a new friend inside FAO Schwartz (notice the "Big" Piano sign). Jason was slightly dissapointed that this was not the same store he remembered from his 2000 trip.

Holy Harry Potter... Diane spent WAY too much time in this store playing with these Legos! What talent!

Jason feels the draw of the dark side as he compels Lego Darth to shine the camera flash right back at Diane's lens!

Our taping of Letterman included guests Jack Hanna and Kid Rock (singing his Werewolves of London/Sweet Home Alabama ripoff). We convinced the couple behind us in line to take our picture, and they didn't steal our camera! Yay! :)

Look out! A horde of knights in armor have broken loose inside the Met! After wasting precious time taking this photo, I was able to pull Diane to safety just in the nick of time.

Inspired by the movie "One Fine Day," Diane made it her personal mission to seek out the famous Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 (that would be the massive dessert on the left). She was slightly disappointed to find that it tasted a whole lot like something I make in the blender at home.

I did, however, thoroughly enjoy my Peanut Butter Pie creation (also now pictured on the left). By far the best dessert in recent memory!

The Phantom of the Opera is there... in Diane's seat. Seventh row, center, baby! We also saw Young Frankenstein and Little Women on this trip.

When the moon hits your eye... I failed to document Diane's very first piece of New York pie when we hit town, but this was among the first. This was our post-Phantom treat!

Hey, everyone needs a picture of themselves eating pizza online! Who am I to deny myself such fame?

Times Square at night in all its glory! In the rain. But still glorious.

Diane met up with Big Red inside the Toys R Us in Times Square. And yes, Toys R Us far outshined FAO Schwartz. It made me sad.

A remote control spider. Who could ask for more? I was tempted to buy this for my brother-in-law for Christmas... wah hah hah...

All righty, a strange place to end the photo set, but we somehow didn't go camera crazy on this trip. Too bad!

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