Busch Gardens October 17, 2008

Jason's one regret: We started this Busch Gardens trip with a stop by the aviary.

Shortly after this fun-filled moment, this bird suddenly decided it would be fun to chew half my ear off. I actually had to take a good bit of time with a paper towel and some pressure before I stopped bleeding. No joke.

We didn't take many pictures on this trip, since I think it started raining early in the day. Here's the new incarnation of the Pet Shenanigans show in Ireland.

Aughh! Another crazy hairy wolfy dude hanging out atop a lamp post!

Diane poses on the bridge from Germany to Italy, with a roller coaster assortment in the background.

We stopped at the piazza in Italy to catch the StarFright Orchestra show.

Riding the Flying Machine in San Marco, Italy.

Ah, one of our standard "take a picture on the teacups" shots. Nice.

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