Myrtle Beach 2007

Diane & I went to Myrtle Beach to get our first usage out of our new timeshare. One of our first stops was Ripley's Aquarium.

Diane almost got captured by these spooky skeleton pirates in an exhibit at the aquarium.

Always one to get up close and personal with some tasty seafood, Diane pets a horseshoe crab.

Over at Broadway at the Beach, we came across the Kiss Coffeehouse where I had to get a drink and a pin!

Hard Rock is one of my standard stops as well. We didn't get food, but I did get a couple of pins.

Planet Hollywood we did get food. But not this day because they were closed for renovations. Our meal would have to wait until later in the week.

The Mirror Maze at Barefoot Landing was a great way to lose yourself for a few... years.

I ran into this crabby fellow outside one of the shops. Okay, I know he's a lobster. Work with me, people, work with me!

I feel the need... the need for speed! Outside the Nascar Cafe, that is.

So we finally got into Planet Hollywood and took some pictures of the movie artifacts, including my friend Gizmo here.

This restaurant with a giant crab on the front... it's called the Giant Crab. It's an awesome buffet where I found three of my favorite foods all in one place... ribs, sushi, and spanakopita!

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