Enid 2007

First stop after landing in OKC... Red Lobster! Of course, with Emily's crazy Googled directions, it look about 12 hours to find the place... :)

Diane's first meeting with nephew Aiden, Emily & Dennis' three-month-old baby boy.

Diane's mom Magi and Step-dad Joe entertain us with a musical number.

Joe passed away from cancer in August 2007. We will miss you, dad!

Diane and her mom get snuggly under this lovely mauve blanket.

Okay, so Diane doesn't like this picture but it's the only decent one we got of the two of us. I admit, we were tired out of our minds at this point of the day. This is a during lunch stop at Applebee's.

Diane and Aiden, bonding again over a good bottle.

Emily and Diane emerge from Dillard's after getting their makeup done for the ceremony.

Diane wanted to get Aiden's opinion on her makeup, but he was just too gosh darn tired!

The happy couple gets ready to head out.

The ceremony. Note my lovely wife Diane in purple as the matron of honor.

Emily cheeses for the camera as Dennis concentrates on not tripping over the aisle runner.

Ah, the hot sun combined with heavy formal wedding dresses. Gotta love it!

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