Christmas 2007

Our Christmas tree, overflowing with presents, partly because Emily, Dennis & Aiden were coming to stay with us for a few days. Diane does like to go a bit overboard! :)

Diane and the afore-mentioned nephew Aiden. That kid already knows how to cheese for the camera just like his Aunt Diane!

Christmas morning, and you can see the concentration on Aiden's face as he tried to decide between playing with the lion, or eating the lion. Hmmm...

Emily and Dennis pilfer through Aiden's stocking stuffers on Christmas morning. How rude! :)

All right, so Emily and I told Diane she might like the taste of pure baker's chocolate... We are so mean!

Aiden was kind enough to offer everyone a bite of his foot while he ate his waffle in the high chair. Either that, or he's just trying to clean out some toe jam.

The ceremonial decorating of the pre-assembled gingerbread house. Too bad we put this off until the day before they were leaving.

Diane gets in a few last poses with Aiden before they all had to go back home.

Oh, hey... I am in this picture set after all! Very nice! :)

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