Baltimore 2007

We stayed in Hanover, located just to the southwest of Baltimore, which put us next door to Arundel Mills Mall. I snag a shot of Diane just before we went into the Hippodrome Theatre to see the national touring production of the musical Wicked.

The next morning, we headed to the Inner Harbor and had breakfast at Bohème Café. We had to eat outside in the chilly air, but it wasn't too bad. This is my friend Pidge. He seemed to enjoy eating bits of my honey bran muffin, and fought off several other birds to claim us as his personal food source.

We saw the Power Plant, which houses ESPN Zone, Barnes & Noble, and Hard Rock Cafe, among other things, and made plans to visit later in the day. Our main Inner Harbor stop for the day... the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

We found ourselves just in time to catch the dolphin show, which was pretty nifty. This was actually the first time seeing dolphins for the both of us. You'd think growing up at the beach that I might've been able to see one every now and then. I guess I'm just sheltered...

Diane checks out the sea life in the tanks in the winding exit section of the building.

Diane took this picture where it looks like the fish wants some smoochin'. Just a bit too friendly for my taste!

I decided to pose with these bubbling tubes in the lobby. Why? Because they're bubbly! And blue! And really loud if you put your ear right on them!

While walking to Hard Rock, we had a lady volunteer to take our picture overlooking the harbor. Obviously, she didn't steal my camera because you're looking at the picture right now.

Before leaving town, we had to hit the Medieval Times restaurant at the mall. I left my camera in the car, and I didn't realize until we were inside that you can take pictures of the actual show and horses and knights and everything, so you'll just have to imagine all that for now. And yes, our knight won. Red Knight Rules!

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