Williamsburg 2006 #1

Off to Busch Gardens again, this time armed with a season's pass... who knows what trouble we can get up to this year? We start this trip with a visit to Busch Gardens' latest attraction, Curse Of Darkastle. The lines are usually so long for this ride, but we picked a rather dreary and unpopular weekend, and we were able to walk right on with no wait.

Here I am, posing with my good buddy, the silver knight. The show turned out to be geared toward children, but parts of it were actually quite frightening and parents had to run from the theater with their crying kids! We ended up seeing this show twice.

Still in San Marco, we must have passed by this "photo op" on every single trip, but we finally fell for it this time. Diane works out her frustrations on some grapes here in the wine country.

Day two dawned to find us at Colonial Williamsburg in a constant dreary sprinkling of showers, mixed in with heavier doses of rain. Here, I pose in a colonial garden. I don't know why.

Diane makes a new friend of the equine persuasion at this fenced-in pasture.

This is the only kind of traffic you have to worry about in Colonial Williamsburg. We later found out that walking down the middle of the road is nearly impossible due to large quantities of horse poo.

I stop to pose with some sheep, who graze on, unaware of my touristy presence. I've collected sheep-related items for almost as long as I can remember. I used to watch "Perfect Strangers" as a kid, and thought it was cool that Balki had a stuffed sheep. Now I have lots of stuffed sheep. Yes, and there's nothing wrong with that. No.

Finally, we settled in at The King's Arms for lunch, which was very cozy and nice. The skies opened up while we were eating, which prompted me to buy an umbrella at the College of William & Mary Bookstore. We drove back to Busch Gardens where we found out some really nasty storms were headed our way, and they were closing most rides. We stayed for a while, caught a few shows, and headed home early. Still armed with our season's passes, we shall return!!!

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