Washington 2006

Diane & I stayed in the town of Springfield, just outside the city, and took the Metro into the Mall area. Here we start with the Air & Space Museum.

Of course, we had to visit a little bit of home town history with the Wright Brothers' first flight.

Diane enjoys some ice-cream after we'd finished our lunch in the museum café.

I pretend to be diligently studying my Smithsonian magazine, blissfully oblivious to the camera, even though this was blatantly posed.

A quick photo op as we walk across the Mall to another museum. The wind decided not to play nice with Diane's hair!

This was the National Archives, made even more famous by the movie National Treasure. Turns out the building was closed and they'd set up some reproductions of the documents in a tent out back. We decided to skip it.

Off to the Museum of Natural History, where you can learn about fascinating things like this!

I stop for a picture beside some lovely bone-animals that didn't really make it into frame too well.

This bone-saber-tooth-tiger was about to pounce on this other... bone-thing.

Somehow we ended up in the African jungle, where this lovely feline dragged this poor carcass into his treehouse.

Poor, poor buffalo. Or bison. Whatever you are. Good thing this sturdy glass wall was here, or we'd have been goners!

Not too many pics this trip. Here we have the Hope Diamond. I hope my camera didn't get cursed just from taking the picture... But if that's the case, a whole lot of other people got cursed too. This was probably the most crowded room in the whole place.

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