Busch Gardens 2005 #2

Emily, Diane & I decided to venture back to Busch Gardens for two days for their Howl-O-Scream festivities in 2005. Emily's boyfriend Dennis joined us on the first day. Here, he and Emily pose in front of the huge pumpkin in Ireland.

Deciding this was the must-have photo of the trip, Diane and I decide to do the same.

Brilliant photography in the making... Both girls work at Home Depot, so of course I had them pose next to a garden with a big Lowe's sign beside them.

Strolling through the back streets of Germany, Diane stops to pose beside a fountain.

The next day, we decided to spend the morning in Colonial Williamsburg, but this is the only picture we seemed to take. We wandered around the toy store, the Christmas shop, and Wythe Candy Shop for some wicked chocolate-caramel-nut-covered apples.

Heeey... Emily's Navy boyfriend wasn't with us on this day, and it looks like she found herself another seaman... Wait, that kinda sounds dirty... erase that...

Diane and I pose with the red and yellow Rhine River Cruise tent in the background.

Here's Emily's cruise pose, with the railroad trestle in the background. Way way back there you can also see the "Here's To The Heroes" bridge, the Loch Ness Monster, and the same afore-mentioned red and yellow Rhine River Cruise tent.

Now over in Festa Italia, Italy, I'm trying the strong man hammer thingy to win another prize, but no luck. All we got here was the "loser" prize... an inflatable Spiderman hammer with a squeaky thing inside.

But hey, I didn't say we came away empty handed! Here's Diane modeling all the latest fall fashions for this year... We have the lovely neon green frog with odd circular colorations from the water race in Festa Italia... There's the pinkish purplish cat from "Whack-A-Hun" also in Festa Italia... And, of course, Sherbet the Monkey from the "Spray-The-Pirate-In-The-Mouth-And-Pop-A-Balloon" game in Oktoberfest!

Getting ready to head home after the magic show, Emily and I pose for a picture as we get caught in the traffic backup in Ireland. Turns out Jack is still back and he's dance party crazy! The party has blocked all traffic passing through the town, and we've become lodged in an area where the only passage is through a very small archway.

The last picture of the trip, and kamikaze photographer strikes again! Emily is the unknowing victim this time, as she closes her eyes just before the flash goes off in her face. That'll teach her to poke me in the side again. Oy!

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