Busch Gardens 2004

Diane and I at Busch Gardens' Howl-O-Scream festivities in October of 2004. This was taken by a Busch Gardens photographer just after we'd entered the park, in front of the skeleton pirate at the fountain in Banbury Cross, England.

Jason hanging out with a talking skeleton somewhere on a bridge, I believe between Rhinefeld and Oktoberfest, Germany. There were two skeletons there to promote the opening of Busch Gardens' new ride, Curse Of Dark Kastle.

Diane poses at a fountain on the outskirts of Germany, outside the clock shop.

Outside the Create A Bear store, I pose with the bear I carved out of a tree with a chainsaw... okay, I'm kidding. This is the escaped bear I wrestled to the ground and captured... all right, all right. So it's just a big wooden bear that's always been there and lots of people take pictures with every day.

Diane (yes, she's there... look closely... right there in the shadows... perhaps I should have stood a little bit closer) sitting at a table in Aquitaine, France outside the ice-cream shop.

Continuing the tradition of "sitting" photos, Jason sitting beside some coffins near what looks to be a skyride entrance.

One of my traditional sneak-attack photo sprees inside the skyride.

Diane poses with some unfortunate carnival clowns in Festa Italia (renamed "Festa Dimentia" for Howl-O-Scream).

Taken from my seat, Diane inside another seat on the Scrambler ride... wait, what's the name of the ride... it's something in German... erm... "Die Wirbelwindchen"?... "Der Spinner"?... "Der Roto... something"?... I forget...

Diane poses with a carousel horse on the road between Scotland and Ireland. The brown sweater and the blackness of the background have somehow become one, giving a "floating v-neck head" effect. Spooky...

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